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The Magnificent Angkor Wat

From a book, turns into realty. I bought this book without any plan, when will I visit Cambodia. Yes, I bought this book long time ago (I forgot how many years ago) bcoz I have interest with Angkor Wat, the most famous monument of Cambodia.
Until earlier 2016 when an idea popped up in my mind, accidentally: this year I wanna visit Cambodia for Angkor Wat. It came to my mind -just like that, after I decided to postpone my Europe plan. When I checked my travel database, I found that several years ago I did some research about Cambodia, too. Using those resource as a starting point, I decided to visit only Siem Reap city as I will focus only on TEMPLES for my 1st visit.
Destination, locked. Travel time, chosen. Preps, almost all done about 3 months before departure day. It’s my travelling habit, anyway, to make sure everything’s well (or perfectly) prepared long before the due date. I booked everything online, including the guided tour -but of course, a private tour. Thank God I found a loc…

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