Pa Tien - Seaweed Snack

Wooyahh.. I love snacks! Especially those salty and savoury snacks, my guilty pleasure!

Pa Tien is its brand, I think. It was made in Taiwan, but I found the product's name written in Japanese hiragana and kanji. There were also small size text in English "Konjac Brown Rice Roll (Seaweed)".
Upon my curiosity, I browsed about Konjac and I found this. Well, a snack made from konjac and brown rice... supposed to be a healthy snack!

The rice roll was thick yet crunchy, sprinkled with seaweed flakes on its outer part. There's a hollow along its centre, coated with green "layer". From the first bite I could felt a pungent taste of seaweed flavour, especially from its centre coating. I wasn't 100% sure, but I guess it contained MSG to enrich the flavour.

Overall it was a bit over-savory in my palate, but somehow I like it, maybe the MSG plays its role. Sometimes I'm "craving" for MSG.. ya.. ya.. naughty me!

Last thing… I got this snack from my cousin, so I didn't know its price *grin*


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